Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Chanel Spring 2012: Blush Horizon de Chanel

Chanel Spring 2012 is a collection of refreshing hues inspired by spring skies.  Shades of pink and coral typical of spring collections are found here with a splash of tangerine, this year's spring trend color.  Though I found many of the products to be very pretty, they weren't tempting enough for me to start burning plastic.  Coral doesn't really work for me, and I already own a lot of pink.  Most of the collection will be added to the permanent collection, so there is some time to pick up a few more things later on if I feel like it.  What I did pick up immediately was the star of the collection, the limited edition Blush Horizon de Chanel.

The blush is arranged in stripes of pink, coral, and white highlight with the pink on the top half of the blush and the coral at the bottom.  I like this because it's like having two blushes in one.  The pink gradient and coral gradient are large enough so that you may use one or the other.  The highlight is too small to swipe alone.  Or you can mix them together as you like.  Mixed, the overall color leans more pink than coral.

Though the colors of the blush are not unique, it imparts a beautiful, healthy glow on the cheeks.  A light hand is all you need to add a nice flush of color to your complexion.  The blush is easily buildable for more color.  The blush is not completely matte, yet not overly shimmery.  It really is just a glow on your face.

Here is a shot of the blush on me in sunlight.

The blush also comes with an angled brush with its own separate velvet pouch.  This brush is larger than the useless brushes that come with Chanel's joue contraste blushes and is much softer.  I actually found this brush to be rather functional.  It swipes across the blush perfectly and applies it nicely.  I actually used it to apply the blush in the photo above.

Overall, I am very pleased with this blush.  I normally don't splurge on blushes, but I am glad I got this one.  I definitely see myself reaching for this all season and beyond.

Blush Horizon de Chanel is $58 and available at Chanel counters and Chanel.com.


  1. This is so pretty on you!

    This is the only piece I want from the spring collection besides the April nail polish.

  2. ohh this IS pretty! looks great on you too. i think we should go shopping, i could use a nice, pinkier blush than the ONE blush i own right now. also love the chanel holiday palette!