Beauty is often viewed as something very superficial.  Bloggers and gurus can get criticized for being shallow and self-centered.  However, that is often not the case.  A lot of beauty fanatics are here to inspire others, help them see their own inner beauty which is only enhanced by makeup, and to bring out self-confidence.  In an industry where a lot of people are judging you, it's hard to keep perspective and stay grounded sometimes.  We often have to remind ourselves that it really is just makeup sometimes.  The best part about makeup is that you can always wash it off and try again.  

It's also tough to stay positive sometimes in the face of aversion and criticism.  We can all use a dose of positivity, but the perspective is totally up to you.  To help myself appreciate and realize all the psotive things in my life, big or small, I've started a gratitude journal.  My hope by making something like this public is that it will inspire others to change their attitudes and see that there is a lot of good happening every day if you would only open your eyes and look.  

You can read my gratitude journal at