I'm a full-time working, single mom of a clever and insane little toddler who likes to play with makeup and use herself as a experimental beauty guinea pig.  I was doing all the beauty blogging things (hoarding products, testing them, recommended or not to family, friends, strangers) minus the actual blogging well before I knew such an immense beauty community on the internet existed, so I decided to go ahead and throw my two cents in by creating my own YouTube channel and blog.  My heart is with luxury brands, but nothing thrills me more than a great bargain.  You will find a healthy mixture of both here and on my channel.  Though this blog is mostly beauty related, I will also feature some fashion and other random lifestyle bits on here as well.  

Thank you so much for stopping by blog and reading.  There's no greater gift than the gift of one's time.  I do hope you find yours was well spent here.  

Much Love,