Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Kate Collection for Rimmel London Lipstick #12

Over the last couple of months, I've been exploring the drug store for new makeup.  I've been reading some good things about drug store products lately and wanted to check out a few products for myself.  Generally I have very bad luck at the drug store, which is why I haven't purchased a lot of drug store makeup.  I'd rather spend more on something that I know works and performs well than waste a few bucks on something I know I won't use and will end up in the trash.  Besides, a lot of drug store beauty products are not very cheap anymore!

What's nice about drug stores is that if you check their weekly fliers, almost every week they have a sale on at least one or two brands of makeup.  I ran into one of these sales at my local Rite Aid one day.  The sale was for Rimmel, and I have never tried any Rimmel products before so I decided to pick up a couple of my favorite makeup items, lipstick and eyeshadow, by the brand.

The lipstick I chose was the lipstick #12 from the Kate Collection.  The Kate Collection is a compilation of 7 lipsticks created by Kate Moss in Rimmel's Lasting Finish formula.  The range of shades in the collection is great.  You have three every day neutral colors, three brighter colors, and a very bold purple shade.  I decided to go with #12, one of the brighter shades.  #12 is a vibrant coral-red and fits very much into the bright lipstick trend.  Though it is bright, I find it very wearable because it doesn't lean too orange and is not neon bright.  The lipstick has a slightly satin, almost matte finish.


The formula is supposed to be long lasting, which I do find is true.  I found that it lasted between 4-6 hours depending on how much eating, drinking, talking you're doing.  The only thing I didn't like too much about the formula is that it can be slightly drying.  And I really do mean slightly.  It is definitely not moisturizing, but it is not uncomfortable to wear.  This is probably one of the better long wear drugstore lipsticks I have tried, and it doesn't have a nasty taste or smell to it like most drug store lipsticks I have tried.  I also am a fan of the packaging.  It's a sleek matte black with Kate's signature on the cap.  It's pretty sturdy and not at all flimsy.

Overall, I do recommend this lipstick and I would pick up a couple of the neutral shades to try.  If you're looking for that bright, coral red lipstick to wear this season, this definitely fits the bill.  You can find Rimmel at any of your local drugstores.  It retails for $5.49 at Rite Aid, but the price may vary between drug stores.  

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